Date Posted: April 02, 2016

The Corp has decided to proceed with the repair work being done on Greers Ferry Dam. If repairs go as expected, the work should be completed in two weeks or less.  During this time, the lake level will be maintained at as close to 459 feet as possible. This is the reason they are now running 2 generators around the clock to try to return the lake to this level after the heavy rain this past week.
The forecast for generation is for 2 units around the clock until Monday morning when one generator will be taken off line for routine maintenance.  At this time generation will be reduced to one generator running as much as needed to keep the lake at the 459 level. The lake level is now 460.45 and beginning to fall.  Hopefully by midweek they will be back to normal generation depending on demand.
Please use caution if you decide to fish the high water.  Stronger currents can cause problems if your boat should drift against a stationary object.

Good Fishing!!
Greg Seaton


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