Date Posted: March 21, 2017

Spring in Arkansas is sometimes a wild ride.  One week ago I was guiding in rain, sleet and snow in 30 degrees and last weekend it was sunshine and 75 degrees.  Short term plans seem to be the best bet.

Fishing has been good with a caddis and March brown hatch occurring daily. The caddis seem to be coming off at night but the fish are feeding on caddis pupa and emergers during the day.  Size 16 mayfly nymphs are also good since there is activity with the March browns.  The larger browns are showing an interest in the larger insects with several nice fish caught in the last couple of weeks.

The weather outlook for this week and weekend is for decent weather thru Thursday with a front and storms on Friday into Saturday morning; sunny on Sunday and warm.  Check the generation for each day before planning your trip since the schedule has varied the last three days.  The lake remains about 5 ft. low so generation will depend on demand for electricity only.  This should make for good spring fishing with lower water flow than the last few years.

Good Fishing!!
Greg Seaton


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