Date Posted: June 27, 2010

My clients had two good days on Friday and Saturday.  The river is as low as I've seen it in two years with clearing water and minimum generation.  We were able to sight fish in the middle and lower river for the first time in quite a while.  We spotted a huge brown and were able to cast to him, but he refused our offerings.  This is not unusual for a fish this size to not be feeding in the middle of a bright sunny day.  But it's still great to be able to show a client a fish of this size ( 30"+).  We were able to catch a large number of nice rainbows and a few browns during the two days.  Fishing was good at all times of the day.

The blue winged olives are hatching and the trout are keying on them.  Pheasant tail nymphs, midge pupas, small emergers and small soft hackles are working well with olive, gray and brown being good color choices. The brown trout are beginning to be more active with rainbows still the best bet. 

A Special Note:  Litter is a big problem on our rivers.  Please help by picking up any litter you see and properly disposing of it.  Since there are no trash containers at the public access areas ( due to persons putting household garbage and fish carcasses in the containers and malicious vandilism), please take your cans, bottles, paper containers and old fishing line home with you and dispose of them.  You will be amazed at how taking an extra piece of litter that you see on the ground will help.  Placing your refuse in a bag and leaving it at the access area is stll littering....please take it home and dispose of it properly.

Thank you!

Be Safe and Courteous                                                   

Good Fishing!!!



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