Date Posted: November 03, 2017

The low, clear water is making the fishing a little difficult.  Without a good flow the fish have a lot of time to look at your fly.  Light tippet, small flies and a good presentation are important parts of a successful fishing trip at this time.  The fish are rising to blue winged olives when the hatch is on and feeding on midges and sow bugs during the time of day when the mayflies aren’t hatching.  Try small emergers during the hatch.

The generation forecast show 2 units for 2 hours this evening (Friday) and no generation for Saturday or Sunday.  This time of the year one can expect more generation during the week than on the weekend due to power demand.

The brown trout are not moving yet, probably due to the warm weather.  The first good cold front that lasts a few days may get them started. The fish are in good shape and just waiting on a triggering bump to get them started.

Good Fishing!!
Greg Seaton

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