Date Posted: November 22, 2017

                    HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

The river remains low and clear with some generation during the week, usually Tuesday thru Thursday with no generation over the weekend.  This makes for very low water conditions over the weekend thru Mondays.  I don’t expect any generation over the holiday due to low demand for electricity.  Check the proposed generation before planning your trip.

The brown trout are showing some signs of moving but have not got on the shoals to spawn in any numbers.  A few browns have been caught that have spawned but the majority are still carrying their eggs.  This could be due the warmer weather, low water or a combination of both. 

Be cautious to avoid damage to your outboard motor during the low water.  My jet river boat is having trouble navigating the shallow water.
Drift fishing is good when the water levels permit and wade fishing is good above and below the shoals during the low water. Locating the area where the fish are holding is the key.  Fish are very spooky on the shoals due to the low clear water.  Stealth wading and good presentation are required for any success. Midge pupas and mayfly nymphs and emergers have been my best choices.
Hope all have a Happy Thanksgiving. This time of the year makes me think of the things for which I am thankful. Family, friends and good health are major things that come to mind along with the ability to enjoy nature in a setting that Arkansas affords. A peaceful day on an Arkansas stream or lake is a great way escape stress and relax.

Good Fishing!!

Greg Seaton


This report is included in the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission’s fishing report. If there is the lake or stream you plan to fish visit the AGFC's FISHING REPORT for current news on other great fishing and recreational areas throughout the beautiful state of Arkansas.

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