Date Posted: March 25, 2018

The Corp has closed the floodgates and they are now running just the generators.  The river is still high but has fell about 4 foot from the high level of this past week.  
They are considering reducing the flow to 3000 dsf which amounts to 2 generators for 12 hours or 1 unit for 24 hours until the lake gets to 462.04 which is the normal level.  This could begin as early as late evening on Sunday, March 26. The lake level is now 463.2. When the lake reaches normal pool, they will generate on power demand only.  With rain forecasted this week, this can affect the lake level so one should check the generation schedule before planning their trip.

Please be advised that debris from the high water the last couple of weeks could be in the normal boat channels so take care when navigating the river. 

Good Fishing!! 
Greg Seaton

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