Date Posted: July 11, 2018

Well today was one of those days.  As a guide, I sometimes think I’ve got these trout all figured out.  Wrong!! Just when you think you have it all going your way and you know what the fish want and how they want it, up pops a day when the fish humble you. 

Gary and Joyce fished with me today and as we were starting Gary saw a “mop” fly in my fly box and asked if I had any luck using the fly.  I told him I had tied some but had not had much success using them.  As the morning progressed we were having trouble getting the fish to hit any of the flies I had been successfully using the last several days.  Gary asked if he might try one of the mop flies and I tied it on.  You guessed it!!  First cast and he caught a fish!!  The rest of the morning was productive with he and Joyce getting strikes and landing several rainbows.
If all else fails, try something new and different.  I learn something new on the river each day. It never hurts to try something out of the ordinary when your standard flies aren’t working.  Fish may also be curious about something they don’t see every day.  “Thanks Gary for a suggestion that saved the day!”

The river remains clear with afternoon generation.

Good Fishing!!
Greg Seaton


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