Date Posted: July 17, 2018

Summer continues in earnest!  The generation is keeping the water temp in a good range for the trout for the most part.  Four to five hours each afternoon keeps the water temperature below 70 degrees for the 31 miles of designated trout water. There is sometimes a 9° difference in water temperature in the same location in the lower river according to the amount and time of the generation. The hot temperature and bright sun have an effect.  Look for trout in slightly deeper water than usual or around moss beds offering cooler water under their protection.

The bite is still hard to predict.  One day the fish feed all morning into the early afternoon.  The next, the bite may not start until late morning and go into the afternoon.  A pattern is hard to come by. 

Like I reported last week, try the naturals first (midges, sow bugs and mayfly nymphs).  If these aren’t working, try something out of the ordinary (small streamers or bright colored nymphs).  

Good Fishing!!
Greg Seaton


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