Date Posted: July 26, 2010

There was another shower this afternoon but not enough to muddy the river.  They are generating a small amount in the mornings ( about 1 unit for 1 hour).  This causes about a foot of water more than normal at the 110 bridge by about 12:00 noon.  This water begins falling slowly but the afternoon generation starts about 1:00 pm and has been two generators which arrives at Winkley Shoal about 4:30 pm. This schedule provides wading at the dam before and about an hour after the morning generation.........until the afternoon generation begins.  Winkley Shoal is wadable all morning with some limitations if the morning generation is a full generator.  The good side is this generation is keeping the water temperature well within the comfort range for the trout.

Drift fishing is good all morning in most locations with the fishing slowing down for a short  time when the morning generation arrives.  The best fishing has been until about 2:00 pm when the heat of the day seems to bring the bite to a halt.

 Wooly buggers and leach patterns have been taking fish.  With all the dragonflies in the air, the fish may be feeding on dragonfly nymphs. The large nymphs crawl out of the river and become adults, so you won't see them emerging from the water.  Also an abundance of adult dragonflies can signal a hatch of mayflies, midges or other insects from the river on which the dragonflies are feeding. This is why the small midge pupa and soft hackles are producing good action. 

Try smaller tippets this time of the year when the water clears and your flies are usually smaller.  A lighter tippet will let the small fly appear more natural in the water.  If you've been using 5X, try 6X and see if you get more strikes.  This is when you start using  fly sizes 18 and 20's instead of 16 and 14's.

Good Fishing!!!


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