Date Posted: November 03, 2018

After a 4 ½ inch rain on Wednesday, the lake level is now 464.3.  This means that it is in the flood pool and generation will increase to lower the level of the lake to 462.04, the normal pool. Generation will be 2 units from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm each day thru at least Monday. The water levels in the lower river and White River at Georgetown will dictate the flow for next week.
We have been in a low water period with little generation, so please take note of the change and fish accordingly.  Please be aware of the generation when planning to fish the river.  The increased flow makes navigating the river a different ball game.  All boaters should be aware of the danger of floating into the upstream side of docks and trees in the river.  The current will capsize your boat and sweep you under. Be aware and know your ability with your watercraft.  If you are launching in the upper section of the river, the water level may be low early in the morning but will rise during the morning hours so be aware that the rise is coming.

The river should be clearing with the generation.  Enjoy the river but be safe and respect the water levels.

Good Fishing!!
Greg Seaton


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