Date Posted: November 13, 2018

Due to the lake being 3 feet above normal, the Corp of Engineers informed me that full generation (2 units) (6200 cfs) will start today on a 24/7 basis.  They will add flood gates to this generation tomorrow (Wednesday) for a total flow of approximately 8,000 cfs.  This will continue until Monday (November 19th) when it will decrease back to the 12-hour generation schedule.  This plan is to have the lake back to normal by Thanksgiving.  At this time, the generation should be based on demand only.  Check the daily schedules for time and amount of generation.

Be safe on the river!!  An 8,000 cfs flow is a strong current and dangerous.  Obstacles along the bank and docks can be very hazardous if your boat should drift into the upstream side of these.  The current will capsize the boat and push it under the obstacle. This is true for any size craft including river boats.  With the cold weather and high water, it may be wise to wait a week on your fishing trip.

Good Fishing and Be Safe!!
Greg Seaton


This report is included in the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission’s fishing report. If there is the lake or stream you plan to fish visit the AGFC's FISHING REPORT for current news on other great fishing and recreational areas throughout the beautiful state of Arkansas.

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