Date Posted: February 27, 2019

The river has cleared after the last big rain event and the Corp has informed me that they will stay with the 12 hour/2-unit generation into the first part of next week.  Then, the hours of generation will increase as the lower river and White River are able to take the increased flow.  They did say that as soon as the capacity of the river will allow, they will be running 24/7 and opening the flood gates slightly to lower the lake level. It would be best to check the generation schedule before planning your fishing trip.

They dropped the generation to one unit for several hours during the day on Tuesday and the fish were biting.  My fisherman caught a 23 ½ inch, heavy rainbow along with several other nice rainbows.  Large nymphs and micro jigs were the main flies.  They shut the generators down for one hour for some reason and the fish began taking midges.  This was what the large rainbow decided to eat. Jim just turned 80 and comes to Arkansas in February to escape the snow and cold in Minnesota.  He did a wonderful job landing this big rainbow on a size 20 midge pupa and 6x tippet.  He is an inspiration to me, showing me that I have some years ahead to enjoy fly fishing! 

Good Fishing!!
Greg Seaton


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