Date Posted: April 02, 2019

The Little Red River is high and rolling.  The release is 9300 cfs which is the equivalent of 2 units plus another 3100 cfs.  The Corp informed me that this would be the schedule for the next 12 to 14 days.  The plan is to gradually cut back the flow when the lake level is close to normal.  The gradual drop will help curtail the sluffing (bank erosion) of the river banks. After a prolonged period of high water and the recent rains, the banks are water soaked and need to dry out gradually so that they don’t slide into the river under their own weight. 

The voice recording and apps will state they are generating one unit but this is being supplemented by a release thru the floodgates.  This amount of water creates danger to boaters on the river.  Please use caution and push your fishing trip back a couple of weeks.  If you are on the river, please be extremely careful when approaching the upstream side of any obstacle or dock.  Even a large fishing boat can be swamped or pulled under a dock with this amount of current.

Be Safe and Good Fishing!!
Greg Seaton

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