Date Posted: June 26, 2019

The river is clear after about 3 inches of rain on Sunday.  For whatever reason, maybe it was dry enough to soak in, the rain didn’t cause a lot of runoff and it occurred during the generation, so it didn’t muddy the river.  The fishing is good by staying ahead of the new water each day.

The Corp has informed me that the generation will remain on the 12 hour 2-unit schedule for at least the next 10 days.  One should check the schedule each day for the hours of generation.  These may change day to day but the amounts of generation will stay the same.

Please take care while canoeing or kayaking so as to plan your trip on the section of water not affected by the generation while you are on the water.  We had another close call with kayakers when their crafts overturned when caught in the 2-unit generation.  They lost their equipment, but managed to get out of the water. Do not approach a dock on the upstream side since the current will take you and your watercraft under the dock. If caught in the generation, stay away from the banks and docks and avoid obstructions in the river and let the current carry you to your destination. Look ahead to avoid danger by paddling away from any obstruction in your path ahead of time.  Don’t wait till the current pushes you against the log or dock. Be safe and enjoy the river.

Good Fishing!!
Greg Seaton


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