Date Posted: July 23, 2019

Whew!!! Woke up this morning and it was actually cool!!  The river remains clear and the Corp has informed me that generation will increase by 1 hour on Wednesday and maybe up to 2 hours of additional generation by the weekend.  This will make a 14-hour generation period and one should check the starting times since they may change.

Mayflies and midges are still the major hatches on the river with nymphs and pupas producing a good bite.

Please be careful if you’re on the river during high water generation.  All boaters should be extremely careful and small craft should only be used by experienced kayakers or canoers in high water.  Avoid any obstructions such as docks, logs or trees when approaching from the upstream side.   Putting children in boats during high water is dangerous, especially in small craft, since the current can separate them from the adults if the craft capsizes. Remember, the lake is a good option during high water conditions on the river.

Good Fishing!!
Greg Seaton

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