Date Posted: August 06, 2019

On Monday, we had the lowest level in the river in several days.  The reason was, a car was driven off into the river and the generators had to be shut down to lower the river to allow the car to be removed from the water.  I took a trip that afternoon and the fishing was great.  The fish were rising to blue wing olive mayflies and we caught several nice fish swinging size 16 and 18 mayfly emergers. 

The moral to this story is don’t drive a car into the river to get them to lower the water, just wait a couple of weeks and the river should be back to normal generation and the fishing will be good. By the way, no one was injured and the car was removed.

The generation schedule has been 24/7 with one unit running from midnight to 10 am and two units from 10 am to midnight.  By fishing the section of the river affected by the one-unit water, it will increase your chances of catching fish.  No wade fishing is available during this generation schedule. 

Be safe during the high water.

Good Fishing!!
Greg Seaton

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