Date Posted: August 22, 2019

Cross your fingers and hold your breath!!  The lake will be back to normal pool level today and the Corp has informed me that generation will be cut back to demand only starting tomorrow.  I called Southwest Power and they told me that tomorrow’s generation will be 2-units from about 12:00 noon till 6:00 or 7:00 pm.  This is due to the heat and power demands.  As the weather cools, this demand should be less and so should the generation.  Check each day for the schedule.  This adjusted schedule should allow wade fishing on all parts of the river at different times according the start time of the generation. Plan your wading trip to be in a position to take out when the new generation reaches your area. Two-unit generation moves at the rate of about 3 miles per hour so figure your distance from the dam, divided by three.  This will be the approximate number of hours you have from the start time.
With the lower water, watch for mayfly hatches.  Small emergers and nymphs should be good fly choices.

Good Fishing!!
Greg Seaton


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