Date Posted: March 24, 2020

I awoke to a different world a couple of weeks ago.  I’m 74 years old and can’t remember ever hearing the term social distancing.  At first my age group was considered the “high risk” target.  Now, all age groups are showing signs of getting the virus.  At this time, with all health officials warning not to travel and limit contact with others, I hope all are taking this seriously.  It’s not a panic situation just one that dictates that you not only consider yourself but others.  You can be a carrier of this disease and take it to another area or contract the illness in the area you travel.  As much as I hate it, this means traveling to a fishing destination. I live and guide on the Little Red River and at this time, I am suspending my guide business since I don’t want to risk getting the virus or spreading it to another customer.  As soon as we get a better handle on this issue, I think all can make more accurate decisions.  Until that time, I feel calm and caution should prevail.  

I have noticed in the last few days a number of persons coming to this area to escape the boredom and cabin-fever of staying at home.  I don’t think this is in their best interest or the best interest of those where they are visiting.  The Corp has closed the federal campgrounds on the lake and river.  At this time, these areas will be closed until May 15, 2020 when a decision will be made to either open or extend the closing to June 1, 2020.  Congregating in retirement and recreational destinations is not the best idea at this time.  Persons are not escaping the problem, only complicating that problem in these areas.

Please use good judgement and minimize your travel during this trying time.  This does not only apply to overseas; it also means traveling outside your local area. Support your local businesses as best you can.

The river is high and muddy at this time so waiting and coming to visit at a later date is also advisable for this reason.  Let’s all get thru this, hopefully as soon as possible, and return to visit and enjoy our beautiful state’s outdoor activities.

God Bless and Stay Well,
Greg Seaton

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