Date Posted: July 09, 2020

The river remains clear with 2-unit generation for about 19 hours a day.  The times of generation vary so one should check each day for the schedule.  This means high water and strong current most of each day thru Friday.  There may be a slight window on Wednesday morning and Friday morning if the schedule permits.

Please remain careful of kayaking and canoeing on the river during the high water.  If all goes well with the rainfall, the lake should be back to normal by next week and windows will be available for small craft boating and fishing.  Overloading a small fishing boat during this high water is also dangerous in the current.  We had three incidents over the 4th with all persons rescued without injury.  It was also evident that we had less people on the river during this holiday due to high water.  I wish to commend those that chose not to risk the danger of the swift water. Most accidents occur because of a lack of knowledge about the generated water.  Please get this information before using small water craft on the Little Red. USACE Little Rock is a good app for your cell phone.

When the river returns to a normal level, the blue winged olives should be hatching so small mayfly nymphs and midge pupas will be a good choice of flies in the lower water.

Good Fishing, 
Greg Seaton

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