Date Posted: September 01, 2010

Well folks it's September!!  A lot of us have been waiting for the hot days of July and August to pass and the cooler days of autumn to arrive.  The river is in good shape with low and clear water.  We are back to the normal conditions for this time of the year for the first time in a couple of years.

I fished today with good luck.  We caught a lot of good rainbows with one 20" fish, a beautiful, heavy rainbow.  One of the best rainbows since early summer.  The fish took an olive nymph about 2 ft. deep.  It gave quite a fight and seemed in good shape.  I mentioned in the last report that fish sometimes get stressed at this time of the year because of the low water conditions, but the fish today seemed full of fight and all were released without removing them from the water.  The cooler temperatures at night are helping the water temps.

Labor Day weekend is this weekend and a lot of you will be on the rivers.  Hope you have a safe and successful weekend.  Remember to show courtesy to your fellow fishermen and give 'em a little space.  Plenty of river for everyone to enjoy.

Be Safe, Enjoy the River and Good Fishing!!!


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