Date Posted: October 18, 2020

The river remains clear and with no generation over the weekend, the lowest I’ve seen the river this year.  The schedule shows one unit of generation from 6:00 am to 8:00 pm on Monday, October 19. Since we are now on power demand generation, one should check each day for the generation schedule.  

Rainbows are taking small nymphs on light tippet.  A good presentation is important since the water is low and the fish are spooky.  There are some reports of redds beginning to show up on some of the upper shoals.  The only spawning activity I’ve seen are a few rainbows trying to spawn.  

It’s the time of the year wade fishermen should begin watching for the redds (clean areas on the gravel bottom where trout spawn) and avoid wading thru these areas and disturbing the eggs.  These eggs will not hatch until about February and wading thru will destroy them. Your help in this will insure more brown trout for the future.

Good Fishing!!
Greg Seaton


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