Date Posted: December 04, 2020

The river remains clear after light rain during the night on Wednesday. Generation has been sporadic with mostly afternoon releases for one to two hours.  As always, it’s best to check the schedule for the next day and call during the day to verify the schedule.  
Rainbows are taking egg patterns and small midge pupa.  The browns are taking egg patterns. Please try fishing below the redds to catch the fish that are feeding on the eggs drifting off the redd.  Avoid harassing the fish that are on the redds spawning.  These fish will probably be caught by foul hooking rather than taking the fly.
It is that time of the year when you should be careful when wading the shoals where the fish are trying to spawn.  A redd is an area on the bottom of the river in the gravel where the fish have cleaned the debris from the rocks and lay their eggs in the gravel.  These areas are easily identified be being cleaner and shining on the bottom.  Please avoid wading thru these areas.  Disturbing the eggs destroys them and therefor reduces the amount of browns in the river. Wade around, not thru the redds. The browns are not stocked in the Little Red River and depend on this spawn to survive. 

Good Fishing!!
Greg Seaton


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