Date Posted: May 28, 2021

We missed the heavy rains that went west of us on Tuesday evening but after the rain Thursday evening, the river is dingy to muddy below Sulphur Creek.  The generation has been mostly from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm. These hours are projected thru Monday and hopefully will clear the river for the holiday weekend.
The rainbows and browns are still looking for caddis so caddis emergers and pupa are good choices.  
This is Memorial Day weekend and the beginning of the summer season with more people wanting to enjoy the lakes and rivers.  Please use good river etiquette and safety.  Common courtesy goes a long way so pass it on.  With the two-unit generation each day, plan your canoe, kayak and raft trips so you are off the river before the increased flow gets to the section of river you are floating. Last weekend and another day this week, I have noticed persons drifting in plastic inflatable rafts during the high water.  This is very dangerous due to the current.  If the raft or any small watercraft is pushed against the upstream side of a dock or other obstacle it will be sucked under the dock before the person can get out of the craft.  Lifejackets will not help in this circumstance so don’t think you are safe depending solely on the lifejacket.  Also, sharp rocks, limbs and sharp edges on docks can puncture these light weight plastic inflatables. The lake seems a better choice if the river is high and fast.  Enjoy our state’s lakes and rivers but respect dangerous water conditions.  STAY SAFE and have HAPPY summer weekends!! 

Good Fishing!!
Greg Seaton

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