Date Posted: September 14, 2010

Well all I have to say is the rain missed us and what happens?  It rained!  It rained most of the morning on Saturday and muddied the river from Sulphur Creek to Lobo.  Sunday, this water was pushed down to between Lobo and Mossy Shoal and then Monday, it was from Dripping Springs down to almost Ramsey.  We were having just enough generation to move the muddy water a short distance each day.  I'm pretty sure all the trout river is OK today.

The fish were biting Sunday and Monday.  You just had to find the right water conditions.  Large dark colored nymphs were the fly of choice in the dingy water with midges taking most of the fish in the clearer shoals.  There was a large midge hatch on the shoals.  Afternoons seemed to be better than mornings.

The river is low with minimum generation.  A typical fall on the Little Red.  After 2 years of high water, I wondered when I would get to make that statement.  Sounds pretty good!!

Good Fishing!!


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