Date Posted: April 19, 2023

Greer's Ferry Lake is 8.5 feet above the power pool. The Army Corps of Engineers are currently running 2 unit's and 4 floodgates open 24/7  around the clock to get the lake down to the pool. I'd expect the same generation schedule to continue unless we get a big rainstorm and they shut down or reduce the flows for a while until the creeks and streams are running normally.

The fishing has been good considering the high water. We have a Caddis hatch as the temperature starts to rise in the morning. I've been running a deep water nymph rig while fishing out of the boat. Usually fishing between 9 ft to 12 ft deep or deeper. Hot flies for me have been a Caddis and a Pink San Juan worm.

The Streamer bite has been good the fish are either hugging the bank or there laying on the bottom of the river.My streamer set up has been an #8 weight rod fishing 330 sink line with articulated flies and hitting the banks. Yellow and Brown, Dungeons along with Double Deceivers with a skull head have been my go to patterns of lately.

Fred, from Stuttgart Germany now residing in Memphis TN, was throwing an #8 weight Winston fly rod with a 330 sink line stripping a yellow and brown S-Dungeon streamer pattern and landed a nice Little Red River brown trout while fishing the high water.


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