Date Posted: October 20, 2023

SWPA, The South West Power Administration has not been running water for the past several days and the river is extremely low. Let's hope we get some rain fall.  The best bite has been early mornings or after they generate some water. With the lack of generation the fish have been concentrated in the deeper water. The shallow water has the fish on edge so try to make longer casts. While wade fishing try to walk in a stealthy manor not to spook the fish.

Try fishing the deeper stretches along the moss beds. The fish have been in the deeper lanes look for the deeper spots beside the moss and cast to those areas. With no moving water the river is like fishing a pond. While fishing out of the boat I have been having people cast in a spot let it fish for a moment, if no strike, cast five feet further and keep working the area as I row down the river covering water. 

The fish have been hitting the flies softly so set on any thing that resembles a hit. Eggs, and Midge's have been the hot flies for me of lately.  A San Juan worm has also been producing. Try giving the San Juan worms a little action by giving it a little flicker with the tip of your rod every now and then. That little bit of movement from the flicker of the rod will produce a strike in water that has no movement.


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