Date Posted: March 13, 2024

Hey anglers! Here's the scoop on fishing the Little Red River lately:

**Water Conditions:** The South West Power Administration (SWPA) has been doing some interesting water releases from the dam. They typically start in the morning for a few hours, then turn it off, and then resume until around 9 o'clock. Be sure to check the SWPA website for the daily water release schedule before hitting the water.

**Best Fishing Strategy:** With the recent generation schedule, the best bet is to fish from a boat near the dam during high water flows. I've been having success using a deep water nymph rig set anywhere from 6 ft to 12 ft deep. The go-to fly has been a Pink San Juan Worm, set at various depths depending on where you are on the river.

**Contact Information:** If you need more info or want to book a guided trip, you can reach out to Mike Winkler at 501-507-3688. Also, check out their websites at []( and []( for additional details.

Happy fishing, and tight lines! ??


This report is included in the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission’s fishing report. If there is the lake or stream you plan to fish visit the AGFC's FISHING REPORT for current news on other great fishing and recreational areas throughout the beautiful state of Arkansas.

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