Date Posted: April 25, 2024

Hey folks,

Just wanted to give you a heads up on the current fishing conditions out on the Little Red River. With Greers Ferry Lake holding steady at power pool levels and SWPA taking a break from water releases, the river's running low these days. It's a bit unusual for April, but hey, that's fishing for you!

Now, here's the scoop: we've got rain on the forecast this weekend, which should bump up the lake levels a bit. But for now, take advantage of the low river levels for some prime wading opportunities. It's not every day you get these conditions in April!

As for the fishing itself, it's been solid lately. Caddis flies are out and about, especially in the warmer parts of the day. Try hitting the river with a nymph rig, using a pheasant tail soft hackle or a Guides Choice Hares Ear under an indicator. And keep an eye out for those rising fish later in the day – an elk hair caddis might just do the trick when they start sipping bugs off the surface.

So grab your gear and hit the water while the conditions are right. And if you need any more info or want to book a trip, you know where to find me!

Tight lines ??

Mike Winkler

This report is included in the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission’s fishing report. If there is the lake or stream you plan to fish visit the AGFC's FISHING REPORT for current news on other great fishing and recreational areas throughout the beautiful state of Arkansas.

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