Date Posted: May 29, 2024

Hey folks,

Just got back from a few days on the water, and let me tell you, it's been quite the adventure out there! The SWPA's been keeping us on our toes with their water release schedule. They've been running two units of water through the turbines consistently, although the start and stop times have been a bit unpredictable.

With that said, I've been having some solid luck fishing near the dam using a deep water nymph rig set between 9 and 12 feet deep. Those deep pockets have been holding some nice surprises. And for a change of pace, I've been trying my luck around the docks, casting a Pink San Juan Worm about 6 to 7 feet deep into the moss beds. It's been paying off, especially in the slower deep water sections.
Hot flies have been Pink San Worms , pheasant tail soft hackle,  caddis flies 

Oh, and if you're into streamer fishing, now's the time to be out there. The high water release has really got those streamer bites going strong. So grab your gear, check the schedule, and let's hit the water! ??

This report is included in the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission’s fishing report. If there is the lake or stream you plan to fish visit the AGFC's FISHING REPORT for current news on other great fishing and recreational areas throughout the beautiful state of Arkansas.

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