Date Posted: October 12, 2010

As of 7:30 today, the rain missed us; we could use a good soaking.  I didn't think I would ever say that again after the last two years, but it's getting really dry.  T'he river is still low and clear and the fish are taking small flies on light tippet.  

Look for the deep pockets on the shoals.  They seem to be holding the best fish.  Lots of rainbows are holding on the shoals with a few browns (mostly males beginning to show up).  I'm still taking fish on midges with a few being taken on sow bugs and other nymphs. If your fishing late in the afternoon you might want to try a small emerger or soft hackle. There are still some blue wings coming off in the afternoon.  Presentation, presentation, presentation---make sure you make your mends and get your drift right because the fish can be very selective in these water conditions.

It looks like we'll have low water for the brown spawn.  Please watch where you're wading on the shoals and avoid the redds.  Walking thru the redd will destroy the eggs, so look for the bright patches of gravel, a couple of feet in diameter, on the shoals and step around them.  Have fun catching the browns, but please help them out by handling them gently and returning them to the water with care.  Targeting the browns as they move up to the spawning areas, those not on the redds, will help the spawn. Fishing for browns that are on the redds cause undue stress on these fish.  Also you can target the rainbows and other browns that will be holding below the browns' redds taking eggs that drift from the nest.

With mild weather, the demand for electricity should remain low, so the generation should remain about the same as last week.

Good Fishing!!



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