Date Posted: October 17, 2010

Friday evening they ran one generator for 3 hours and this put enough water in the lower river to again be able to run the boat over most of the shoals and the fishing Saturday was good.  My clients Saturday caught numerous good rainbows and one 17” brown.  Most of the fish were taken on the midge pupa. The others were taken on a sow bug and an olive nymph.

 They did not run water on Saturday and the river was the lowest I have seen it in a couple of years.  I marked several rocks in the river with the white paint from the bottom of my boat.  We caught fish on Sunday morning, mostly wading the shoals since the water was so low there was little or no current in the deeper pools to drift fish.  The fish were very selective and the fly had to be presented well to get their attention.  They are showing no generation thru Monday, hopefully they will generate some water since the river is extremely low.  It will be interesting to see how these water conditions will affect the brown trout spawn.  After the high water has changed some of the shoals, some of the areas normally used may be too shallow. 

Good Fishing!!


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