Date Posted: October 25, 2010

Sorry Folks for the delay in reports, I've been on the river every day and been slow about getting to the computer to make the reports. 

Fishing has been good for rainbows all last week and the weekend.  Sunday was the slowest day, I suppose it was the weather moving thru. Very little rain in our area but heavy weather in some parts of the state.  The river remains clear and low--very low!  I never thought after the last two years that I would want generation, but we need a little water.  The shoals are very shallow and only a few browns are being spotted.  I have not seen any redds.  I did see some browns beginning to jump yesterday afternoon and this is usually a sign they are beginning to get in the mood to spawn.  We caught a couple of nice browns last week in deeper pools and hung one large brown on a shoal. 

Rainbows are still taking midge pupas and sow bugs.  A twitch of the rod or a mend as you make the drift seems to improve your chances for a strike since the current is so slow in the deeper pools.  This gives the fly a little more action and brings a strike.  Midges are still hatching but the blue wing olive hatch seems to be slowing.

Again the river is very low so be careful if your operating a boat.  I'm finding rocks in areas of the river where I've never had a problem.

Good Fishing!!



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