Date Posted: December 09, 2010

December 9, 2010
Well I've done it again… to busy fishing to write a report. Sorry about that, I’ll try to do better.
 The brown spawn this year was not as it has been in the past. Whether it was because of the low water, I don’t know. It just seemed that the browns did not come up on the shoals in the numbers or frequency that they have in the past. Although some nice browns were caught, there was no pattern to the activity. One day, it would seem they were going to return to their regular spawning areas, then they would be gone. I’m not sure they didn’t spawn in different locations. The number of redds on the shoals just wasn’t the same as in past years.
My fishermen have been doing well on the rainbows with some nice fish being caught. The rainbows have been trying to spawn on some of the shoals and this has provided some good “sight” fishing. Casting to a fish you can see and working that fish is a true enjoyment of fly fishing. We are also taking rainbows drifting in the deeper pools with nymphs and soft hackles.
The weather is beginning to get cold but the fish are still biting. One morning this last week we had to dip our rods in the river to keep the guides from freezing. It helped the guides on the rod but not the one in the boat!! A little humor that I couldn’t resist! The forecast is for some really cold weather the first of next week but some warming later so there will be some days that are comfortable to fish.

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Merry Christmas and Good Fishing!!


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