Date Posted: December 31, 2010


I hope all of you have a happy and prosperous New Year.  May this coming year see your needs filled and good health.

I have fished three days since Christmas with good results.  The rainbows are biting good and the browns are still unpredictable.  Drift fishing and wade fishing are both producing good fish.  Browns are still on the shoals and if your are in the right place at the right time some nice browns can be caught.  Sow bugs, midges and red ass flies are producing browns and rainbows.  The rainbows are averaging larger than normal and heavy.

I was able to hit the best weather days, dodging the cold and rain.  One of the trips was a client from Texas that mostly streamer fished and wanted to try nymphing and we waded and concentrated on drifting sow bugs and midges.  We had a good afternoon catching browns and rainbows.

Another day I got to witness nature in action at it's best.  I was wading a shoal and 11 deer ran across the shoal at full speed thru a flock of geese.  We're talking major action.  It amazes me how a deer can cross a shoal at full speed that I have trouble wading slowly across with a wading staff, slipping on the rocks.  Three deer crossed, then seven more and a moment later one last doe crossed the shoal.  Being on the river and witnessing the wildlife is a big part of fly fishing.  You are quiet and become part of the surroundings and the wildlife don't seem to mind you being among them.

After the rain this week, the river remains in good shape with a little color in the water in some areas, but overall still low and clear.  With an additional three or four inches of water in the river from the runoff, the shoals are actually fishing a little better.

With the river low this year, if the weather is within your comfort range, you should consider some winter fishing.  Some larger fish can be caught this time of the year, especially rainbows.

Good Fishing!!


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