Date Posted: January 29, 2011

They are generating water on the Little Red.  The power company ran 2 full units for 2 hours and 1 unit for one hour yesterday morning.  The schedule shows generation all day on Saturday.  This will stop wade fishing until Sunday morning.  The current schedule (see link page) shows no generation on Sunday but starting again on Monday. 

The last time I spoke with the power company, they informed me that as soon as all the lakes in the district were at about the same level below the power pool maximum, they would start rotating the generation on the White, Norfork and Little Red River.  I will try to check on this Monday and post a report.

The water is clearing again after the initial generation.  Since there has not been any generation for quite a while, it is to be expected that the river would get muddy for a short time.  There is quite a bit of debris (leaves, sticks and logs) floating down the river.  In the long run it will probably help the river given that it has been quite a while since the river has been high enough for a good cleaning. The timing was bad since today is the warmest day we have had in several weeks but we have had a good winter on the river so far and hopefully more good times are on the way.

Now that they are beginning to generate, one needs to check the proposed generation schedule ( ) or call the dam (501-362-5150) for current generation information.  Everyone needs to get back in this habit for safety's sake.  Please do not try to wade the shoals during high water conditions. 

A couple of Notes:

1. I will be teaching a free fly fishing class at First United Methodist Church in Heber Springs.  The first class will be at 7:00 pm. on Monday, February 21st with classes each Monday at 7:00 pm for about 6 weeks.  If you are interested, please call me at 501-365-3330 and enroll.  If I am on the river, please leave a call back number and I will return your call. 

2.The local chapter 722 of Trout Unlimited is having a members meeting at Mack's Fish House in Heber Springs at noon on Saturday, February 19th.  Please join us for lunch.  If it's a nice day come to fish and take a break for lunch and come to the meeting.  If the weather is not so nice, come to the meeting anyway, we would like to see you.  If you're not a member, please come and meet us and see what we're planning for this year.

Good Fishing!!


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