Date Posted: March 10, 2011

The rain and generation made last weekend tough on the river.  With a big rain on Friday and 2 generators running the river was muddy and high on Saturday making the fishing impossible.  My trip on Sunday was with a couple of hours generation in the morning so we fished down river to stay ahead of the rise.  The water was high but clearing so we fished bright colored nymphs and caught a lot or rainbows and one nice brown.

I wade fished at the dam on Tuesday in the rain and the fish were really biting.  I caught all rainbows on small midge pupas and small soft hackles.  The fish were rising taking midges.  It was rather odd to see the fish rising even in a pouring rain.  I missed a really large rainbow.  Using a 3wt. rod and 6X tippet with a size 22 fly, I got "took to school " in a hurry.  It's still great to be able to see a large fish, make your cast and see him take your fly even if the fight is brief.

After the rain again Tuesday, the river was muddy except for above Canoe Creek on Wednesday but it has cleared today with a couple of hours of generation this morning. I am seeing the same pattern projected for tomorrow.  This should clear up the entire river for the weekend.  Hopefully they stay with low generation.


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