Date Posted: April 07, 2011

After an up and down weekend with the weather, Sunday was sunny with wind and Monday was stormy and windy, the weather has settled and the fish are biting.  Even with the weather over the weekend we still managed to have good days.  The trick was finding an area out of the wind and dodging the storms on Monday.

The caddis and March browns are hatching with quite a few rising fish.  If you hit the caddis at the right time the dry fly action has been good.  Caddis pupa, emergers and dry flies are all good…..just choose the right time to use each by determining the stage of the hatch.  Size 16’s seemed to be a match in size.  With the caddis, the fish are usually set up in feeding lanes, but the fish are cruising for the March Browns.  Faster water for the caddis and slower for the March browns. The hatches are occurring throughout the day.

The river is still clear and in good shape with minimum generation.  With the warmer weather forecast, fishing should be good in the coming days.

Good Fishing !!


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