Date Posted: April 19, 2011

Don’t know about the weather, I froze on Saturday morning but the sun popped out and the temperature finally got comfortable in the afternoon.  It’s supposed to be spring but old man winter just doesn’t want to give up. The wind was blowing but the fish were biting.  The trick was finding a section of the river where you could get out of the wind. 

The fish aren’t rising a great deal, probably because the wind has been blowing and the insects aren’t staying on the surface.  My fishermen have been taking fish on soft hackles and caddis emergers, midge pupas worked well on Sunday morning when there was a good midge hatch.  Monday afternoon they were taking soft hackles (size 16). 

The lake is back to normal pool so this means any large rains will cause the generation to increase.  I spoke with the Corp today and they are working on getting the phone recording working accurately.  For the last few days the message has been that they are running one unit.  For the largest part of this time, there has been no generation.  This afternoon they are generating beginning about 5:00 pm.  One way you can check is on this website (water levels) look at the tail water height, it should be about 265.54 if they are has been no generation for the past 2 to 2 ½ hours.

The river is clear in the upper section (above Sulphur Creek) and slightly dingy below.  The entire river is clear enough to be in considered in good condition.  With the caddis hatch taking place, the fish are feeding well and in great shape with rainbows and browns active and full of fight.

Good Fishing!!


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