Date Posted: June 01, 2011

Summertime has arrived on the Little Red.  Hopefully it will bring more stable weather.  The storms over the past few weeks have again put the lake in the flood pool but we are in better shape than the other reservoirs in the White River Basin.  This means that the generation levels should remain within reasonable amounts during the next couple of months.  The generation flow amounts to about one generator around the clock at the present.  The river is high but clear and the fish are biting.  My clients have been catching a lot of rainbows and some good browns the last few days.  Sometimes they come as a double!

The Power Administration has told me that this generation pattern should continue for the next several days and then they will try to return to two generators on a 12 hour pattern.  This would allow for some low water periods during the day and make the fishing opportunities even better.  Either way the fishing should be good for the next couple of months, so let’s go fishing!!

Good Fishing!!


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