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Wading at the Dam -

Sometimes tips are about what your doing while fishing.  Use a wading staff while wading . . . View Full Tip

Dropper Rig -

Using two flies is sometimes effective.  By using a nymph with a soft hackle trailer or two . . . View Full Tip

Caddis Trick -

When fishing a caddis pupa or emerger under an indicator, be sure to make upstream mends as . . . View Full Tip

Streamer Techniques -

Varying the retrieve of a streamer can be effective.  Fish are not always attracted to a . . . View Full Tip

Murky or Stained Water Tactics -

Remember to use dark colored flies when fishing dingy or stained water.  Purple, black or . . . View Full Tip

Mending -

The longer I fly fish the more I feel that the mend is as important as the cast....maybe more . . . View Full Tip

Weight and Depth -

Probably the first two questions fishermen ask about fishing with nymphs are:

1.  . . . View Full Tip

Fishing with an indicator -

Nymph fishing under an indicator has become one of the most popular methods used by fly fishermen . . . View Full Tip